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Effectively Achieving Sustainable Civil Registration Services

Author: Paulus Enggal Sulaksono
Published: 11/01/2021
Marsono, a Village Registration Officer, facilitates a resident of Tegalombo Village to obtain their legal identity document

Sutopo* (51), a resident of Tegalombo Village, is a person with a disability who has never required a legal identity document throughout his lifetime. For Sutopo, a legal identity document recording his disability has never been a necessity, at least until Sutopo’s beloved mother passed away three years ago. Ever since then, Sutopo’s livelihood had been dependent on the kindness of his relatives and closest neighbours.

His family, who were among the poorest in his village, had requested the village government to include Sutopo's name as a recipient of social assistance. However, since Sutopo did not have a registered National Identification Number (NIK), the village government was not able to include him as a recipient for the Conditional Cash Transfer or Non-Cash Food Assistance Programs from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

According to Ari Januarsih, from the Pacitan District’s Population and Civil Registration Office (Dinas Dukcapil), the lack of public understanding on the importance of legal identity documents, combined with the distance that people must travel to reach service centres, meant that there are still people who do not yet own legal identity documents.

In 2018, the District Government of Pacitan – supported by KOMPAK – adopted the Village-based Civil Registration Service (LABKD) model. One of the key components of LABKD is the Village Registration Facilitator (known as a FAD). This consists of community members and village officials being tasked to aid in the management of legal identity documents for vulnerable members of their community, specifically for children, women, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Currently, all 171 villages in Pacitan district are served by FADs.

Ari said that FAD has contributed to the very high civil registration coverage in Pacitan. Data from the National Socio-Economics Survey 2019 (SUSENAS) found that 98% of the Pacitan population had an NIK in 2019.

The District Government of Pacitan utilizes its information system knows as SIKAB to provide online civil registration services

Ardyan Wahyudi, from the Regional Development Planning Agency, explained that SIKAB’s primary advantage as a regional government database is because it has been connected to the Integrated Social Welfare Database or DTKS. "The use of SIKAB for civil registration services will accelerate the process of aligning DTKS with population data, thus delivering assistance to the targeted recipients," he said.

People in need of legal identity documents can come to the local village office by bringing the required documents. The FAD will upload copies of the documents via the SIKAB, which is connected to the Dinas Dukcapil. After going through the verification and validation process, the Dinas Dukcapil will send the legal identity documents to be printed independently within the village. Since its launch in August 2020, this online civil registry service has issued over 1,000 legal identity documents.

In the future, the Pacitan Government will develop SIKAB to cover other basic services including education, health, and social protection programs. This initiative is helping to strengthen data so that those who need assistance receive it.

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

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