Bringing Basic Services Closer To The People: Delegation Of District Head Authorities In Lombok Timur

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Published: 21/07/2017

Public dissemination of Lombok Timur District Head Decree on Partial Delegation of District Head to Sub-district Heads

For some people in remote parts of East Lombok, even a simple administrative issue can be a painful experience. Zaenal Abidin, a villager of Sugian village, Sambalia sub-district recalled when he had to travel long distance for three alternating days from his village to the capital of East Lombok. All these efforts were just to make a minor change in his Family Card (KK) at the Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) at the district level. “For every single piece of the administrative document we have, like Identity Card (KTP) or KK, we must go through such troubles”, said Zainal. With such barriers, unsurprisingly, the ownership of legal identity documents is comparably lower.

In the attempt to improve the dire condition, in May 2017, Lombok Timur District Head Dr. H. Moch. Ali Bin Dachlan issued a Decree No. 188.45/369/PEM/2017 on Partial Delegation of District Head Authority to Sub-District Head to deliver some government services under the local government authority. The Decree includes the delegation of 17 authorities such as compulsory education, health, population, public works and planning for spatial, housing and residential areas to tourism areas.

The partial delegation of the authority is the fruit of a KOMPAK supported initiative to involve all sub-district head in Lombok Timur in the series of dialogue and discussion prior to the decree, through several workshops and expert meetings.

In the Public Dissemination of the decree, Government Affairs Assistant of Lombok Timur District Government HM Juaini Taofik mentioned that the decree is indeed intended to facilitate the public in obtaining public services at the sub-district level. He also explained to ensure successful enactment of this decree, prior to full implementation, the local government will provide technical assistance and workshops for staff of sub-district office.

If this initiative goes well, Zainal Abidin and his fellow villagers will no longer have to endure the saga of spending so many efforts just to access these basic services. They can now get it settled closer from home. "This will greatly benefit the people who live far from the center of the district government, such as residents of Sembalun, Sambelia, Jerowaru and Keruak sub-district," he added.

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