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Providing Vital Post-Earthquake Emergency Administration Services

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Published: 10/05/2019

Lombok Utara District Head Najmul Akhyar hands over legal identity documents to the victim of Lombok Earthquake (Foto: KOMPAK)

A series of earthquakes rocked the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), in July and August 2018. The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) recorded 560 fatalities, 1,469 injured and 396,032 people were displaced. Physical damage included 83,392 damaged private dwellings, with 3,540 public and social facilities were also damaged. By region, the most serious damage and losses caused by the earthquakes were mostly confined to Lombok Utara district. In addition to the casualties and physical damage, the earthquake also meant that many people lost important legal identity documents (adminduk), such as identity cards (KTP), birth certificates (AK), family cards (KK) and marriage certificates (AP).

“One of the most important services following the earthquake has been the provision of emergency population administration, in addition to the efforts to handle regular emergencies and fulfill basic needs,” explains Najmul Akhyar, Lombok Utara District Head. Akhyar believes that adminduk data can serve as ‘big data’ for the local government. These data are needed to formulate policies specifically relating to post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. “Valid adminduk data will help ensure that the right policies to be put in place, so it is vital that the government ensures the continuity of these administration services,” he argues.

The commitment of the Lombok Utara District Government can be seen by the opening of emergency and mobile administration services in refugee camps, health centers and hospitals. the Head of the Population Registration of the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Disdukcapil) in Lombok Utara Suhadman says that mobile administration services are needed to record children born in refugee camps, as well as changes in population data and the replacement of lost family and identity cards.

This emergency administration service is part of the JARINGAN PEKAT program, which stands for Networking for Birth Certificate Ownership through Education, Health and Community Pathways. JARINGAN PEKAT program receives support from KOMPAK, through its internal team focusing on community collaboration and services for welfare. “Government services are still very good even though they need to be provided in an emergency tent. After our child was born, the birth certificate was made immediately,” says Novianti, a resident of Lendang Galuh village, in Tanjung sub-district.

Inacim, a resident of Sambik Bangkol village, Gangga sub-district, who lost his KTP in the earthquake, felt the benefit of the presence of emergency administration services. “The quality of Disdukcapil services is still the same as before the earthquake, even though it is carried out in emergency tents. The procedure has not changed. We also told how long it will take to issue a replacement ID card,” he explains.

In the post-earthquake emergency period since August-October 2018 until December 2018, Disdukapil in Lombok Utara issued 1,121 birth certificates, 359 death certificates, and 40 marriage certificates. “We must be proactive and not wait, because population administration services are the right of every citizen," explains Akhyar.

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